Captain Heidi M. Blanck MS, PhD

What I do: 
Captain Heidi Blanck oversees CDC's monitoring of national and state-specific obesity data and key environmental supports and risk behaviors related to nutrition and obesity. She actively guides key surveillance, applied research, and guidelines development in areas such as childcare obesity prevention, healthy food and beverage environments, drinking water access, and SSBs.

She is the creator and Senior Advisor to the Nutrition and Obesity Policy Research and Evaluation Network (NOPREN) and advises the National Collaborative on Childhood Obesity Research (NCCOR). Heidi is also the Chief Science Manager for the Childhood Obesity Research Demonstration (CORD) projects being conducted in 3 sites across the U.S. Earlier in her career at CDC she worked on topics including weight loss strategies, dietary supplement use, energy density, Hemochromatosis as well as creating the Fruit and Vegetable State Indicator Report for state health agencies and partners as well as new child care, school, and healthy food retail nutrition objectives for Healthy People 2020.

Captain Blanck received a PhD in Nutrition and Health Sciences from Emory University, and holds an adjunct professor position there. Blanck is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and is also on the editorial board of the medical journal Childhood Obesity.