COVID-19 School Nutrition Implications Work Group

This work group is a joint effort of NOPREN and Healthy Eating Research (HER). The work group is comprised of 380+ researchers, advocacy organization representatives and practitioners, and 185+ students who are exploring ways to inform policy and practice in real-time, as well as examine the impacts of federal, tribal, state, and local COVID-19 relevant decisions on food security and dietary intake. An essential element of the COVID-19 response must be to quickly identify and disseminate best practices to bring a full range of nutritious foods and beverages to children to protect their health and reduce their risk of obesity. Sub-groups are focusing on school meals, school reopening, strengthening federal nutrition policies such as P-EBT and CACFP, the charitable food system, and other pandemic-related issues. Work group resources and agenda can be found in our shared folder: NOPREN COVID-19 Nutitrion Response.

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COVID-19 Response Related Activities

Food Systems Work Group Literature Scan 

(Click below to access the literature review by date. This resource will be updated on a regular basis.)

COVID-19 HER Resource Manager

The team at RWJF HER has created a shareable google spreadsheet that lists funded research/projects, publications, and resources related to food insecurity or diet quality/nutritional adequacy and COVID-19. We encourage you to use (and share) this resource to prevent duplication of efforts as well as encourage collaboration on projects. If you choose to add a research project you are currently working on AND need additional support/collaborators, please include your contact information. (Please keep in mind this spreadsheet is accessible to anyone who has the link.)

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HER NOPREN Summer Speaker Series for Students

Students interested in learning more about HER NOPREN COVID-19 School Nutrition Implications Work Group, the HER NOPREN WIC Learning Collaborative, or other NOPREN Work Groups are welcome to join us this summer for a first-of-its-kind six-part summer speaker series.  This summer the series will focus on COVID-19 related adaptions of the key federal nutrition assistance programs. The speaker series will be designed to provide students a safe environment to learn the fundamentals of the topic, along with relevant professional opportunities in research, policy, and practice. Download all of the call recordings, slide decks and resources here.