Food Service Guidelines Work Group


Food Service Guidelines are a set of voluntary best business practices that can be used to increase healthy and safe food options in settings such as government facilities and programs, worksites, colleges and universities, food pantries/food banks, and healthcare facilities. Specific standards used vary, and may encompass behavioral design, food safety, environmental sustainability, valued workforce, animal welfare, and other goals in addition to nutrtion. The guidelines are designed to achieve three key primary goals:

  • Healthier foods and beverages are available and encouraged to prevent chronic disease.
  • Environmentally responsible practices, including reduction of food waste, are conducted in food service.
  • Food safety practices are followed to minimize the risk of foodborne illnesses.

The Food Service Guidelines (FSG) Work Group is open to all NOPREN members and comprised of diverse public health practitioners, scientists, and advocates from non-profit organizations, government, academia, and other groups. Members convene to share timely research and evaluation methods and results, case studies, and evidence-based best practices in FSG adoption and implementation. Additionally, they seek opportunities to foster and collaborate on needed FSG-related research and research translation products.

Food Service Guidelines Work Group Charter

VA Food Service Sustainability Lay Summary


Food Service Guidelines WG Webinars