Work Groups

A core part of the NOPREN network is its work groups. This is where members collaborate on specific nutrition-focused, policy-relevant topics and conduct action-oriented applied research and translation to inform policy and create impact. NOPREN work groups are constantly evolving in order to respond to real-world research gaps and opportunities. New work groups are created as the need and interest arises. Coordination between the work groups and the larger NOPREN infrastructure allows for direct feedback loops between researchers and changemakers (policymakers, practitioners, and local implementers) on the ground. This structure allows NOPREN to broadly disseminate the findings of its time-sensitive policy research.

Examples of NOPREN work group activities include: publishing editorials and original research, providing thought leadership and content expertise, developing measures and tools, creating and disseminating policy briefs, and generating other tangible resources that build capacity, knowledge, and momentum in their respective fields.

NOPREN work groups are open to all interested people. We highly encourage early career researchers and practitioners to join and engage in networking and professional development opportunities.

NOPREN hosts several work groups in partnership with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Healthy Eating Research (HER) program.

If you are interested in joining a NOPREN work group, contact the work group fellow listed below.

Drinking Water
Contact Abigail Colburn ([email protected])

Early Childhood 
Contact Chelsea Kracht ([email protected]
or Daniel Zaltz ([email protected])
Food Policy Councils
Contact Abiodun Atoloye ([email protected])
Food Security 
Contact Kaitlyn Harper ([email protected])

Food Service Guidelines
Contact Bethany Williams ([email protected])
Healthy Food Retail
Contact Caitlin Lowery ([email protected])
School Wellness
Contact Deborah Olarte ([email protected]) or Marisa Tsai ([email protected])