Food Security Work Group

Who are we?

We are an interdisciplinary group of practitioners, researchers, and leaders working to ensure all people in the US, regardless of income, have access to the quality and quantity of food they want and need to thrive. 

What do we do?

We examine, implement, and disseminate work to support food security through evidence-informed policies, programs, and practices. In our work, we aim to include and uplift the voices of historically disadvantaged communities who face historic and ongoing oppression, as these groups are more likely to experience food insecurity. 

Where do we do it?

Our work is conducted in many settings, including food pantries and food banks, health care, and other community settings. Programs of interest include food is medicine programs, federal nutrition programs, and nutrition initiatives in food banks and food pantries. Our work often intersects with other work groups, such as Rural Food Access and School Wellness.