NOPREN Coordinating Center

The NOPREN Coordinating Center, led by Dr. Hilary Seligman, has been based at the University of California San Francisco’s Center for Vulnerable Populations (CVP) since 2014. As NOPREN’s administrative home, the Coordinating Center acts as a liaison between CDC and the network.

The Coordinating Center supports the network and advances the science of nutrition policy: 

  • Provides strategic direction across the network and its work groups
  • Fosters network collaboration
  • Builds capacity for the next generation of nutrition policy researchers
  • Facilitates information-sharing
  • Supports each of the working groups to conduct policy-relevant research and translation
  • Coordinates and hosts monthly state-of-the-science webinars

UCSF Center for Vulnerable Populations

NOPREN is hosted within the UCSF Center for Vulnerable Populations (CVP). The CVP carries out innovative research to prevent and treat chronic disease in populations for whom social conditions often conspire to both promote various chronic diseases and make their management more challenging. Founded in 2006, the CVP is based within the UCSF Department of MedicineDivision of General Internal Medicine and is located on the campus of Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital. Beyond the local communities it serves, CVP is nationally and internationally known for its research in health policy to reduce health disparities, with special expertise in the social determinants of health, including literacy, food policy, poverty, and minority status, with a focus on the clinical conditions of pre-diabetes, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Dr. Hilary Seligman is the Director of the CVP’s Food Policy, Health, and Hunger research program, which, through a combination of research and advocacy, seeks to create communities where healthy food is appealing, affordable, and easily accessible.

CVP mural

The CVP mural is a collage of images and ideas generated through a collaborative and participatory design process involving faculty, staff, and patients led by Precita Eyes, a San Francisco Mission District based community muralist organization. 

CVP Mural Project: Precita Eyes
Photo of Mural: Casey Dominguez, (530) 615-6087